July 13, 2008


My little daughter, Azka, asked to go to mountain yesterday. I don’t know why, maybe she just got inspiration from one of Indonesian’s children song that she got in her playgroup. I think most of the kids like to sing “Naik, Naik ke Puncak Gunung” too.

So we decided to go to PINANG HILL, since it is the only higher landscape in the Cilegon area and commonly use for the biker for their exercise or the people who want to take a walk with environment nature all around. Actually, the people are use to call PINANG HILL as and PINANG MOUNTAIN, but I think it is not high enough to be called as mountain so I just say it as hill.

PINANG HILL can be accessed by two alternative ways, but if you have your little kids with you, I suggest you to take a route from radio transmission station of PINANG HILL post. You will find that this route has been paved and the slope is slightly, so it not will make your kids too tired. You also can take your vehicle along with you if you probably not feel like to walk.

After had breakfast and bath, we headed for PINANG HILL. The guard in the entry says that it will take about 30 minutes by foot. So, me and hubby agreed to walk, since we thought what we be here if we didn’t go for walk? Azka was very exciting. She asked me to sing while we were walking. In singing a song for my kids, I do like to change or substitute the lyric. I change it with some word to enrich their vocabulary, and sometimes I make it in English.

Climb, Climb to the Mountain Top
It so high, it’s so very high
In the left and right, I see everything
There are a lot of trees

When we saw flower, butterflies or other beautiful creatures, I will sing:

Climb, Climb to the Mountain Top
It so high, it’s so very high
In around of us, I see everything
Beautiful flowers and butterflies

Saw beautiful yellow leaves falling, and covering the street along us:

Climb, Climb to the Mountain Top
It so high, it’s so very high
In my way to walk, I see everything
Leaves are falling from the trees

Saw the bright sky:

Climb, Climb to the Mountain Top
It so high, it’s so very high
In the sky so blue, I see everything
Beautiful white clouds and birds are flying.

And of course the sound of nature:

Climb, Climb to the Mountain Top
It so high, it’s so very high
In the surrounding, I heard everything
Birds sing, and the blowing wind

It’s so beautiful place to go, you can see the yellow leaves falling. How beautiful it is, just remind me that Qur’an says none of these leaves falling without Allah’s permission. These yellow leaves covering the street, it just looks like a yellow carpet of leaves. Azka and Aqeela really like the sound of the yellow and dried leaves crashed by our foot. Azka said: “Bubu, daddy, it is the music of leaves”, of course in Indonesian. My daughters really are enthusiastic, see how they concentrate play the leaves and wood stick they found. It is a new adventure for them

Many years without doing outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking, this journey to PINANG HILL made me feel sick all over the body. My back and my legs were painful to carry a lot of burden, since I also have a lot of fat surplus in my belly. Oh God, I just realized that probably I’m overweight! I never dreamt before that my body could enlarge like this, how skinny I was in the last 7 years. Besides that, Aqeela, My second little daughter, 2 years old, she refused to walk when we climb the hill. She wanted me to carry her along the way. Oh may! However, fortunately, she insists to walk when we went down the hill. Oh, what such a clever girl! I didn’t think she has known that climb is more tired than go down! :(

Well, the positive thing is I just realized that this kind of activity is very good for educating our children than to leave them watching television. Hey, where have you been! I was to busy to take them to get close with the nature, where they can learn many things. Emm, next month I’ll take them to RUMAH DUNIA – GOLA GONG in Serang.

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Anonymous said...

good idea..., but how if we live in big bussy city? i think it's rather expensive to take our children to enjoy nature -ummu amrita-