July 04, 2009

Sightseeing and Culinary in Sukabumi city

When I went fishing to Pelabuhan Ratu, my wife and children went around the city. However, they just went to traditional market and Jogja supermarket. Actually there are some interesting places to go here.

1. Selabintana.

One the nearest in Sukabumi city is Salabintana. Here you can enjoy swimming with your children. fresh air and green environment

2. Market

There are some malls in the Sukabumi city, Ramayana, Matahari, Jogja, and also traditional market. In traditional market you can try to buy ‘cue’. ‘Cue’ is kind of salted fishes, but it is not to salt. You can just fry it for a while and eat ‘cue’ with steam rice.

3. National park Gede - Pangrango Mount

4. Ujung Genteng Beach

In Unjung Genteng you can enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach, also in the early morning you can take adventure to the beach to see penyu (kind of turtle) are born.It says that it is fantastic experience to wacth the penyu's eggs



For culinary, the favorite place to go is Jl. Bayangkara, gang Kaswari. In this place you can find traditional dishes of Sukabumi, ‘mochi’. Mochi is a kind of dishes that made from starch and peanutsauce inside. You can reach this place by take ‘Andong’ (four-wheeled carriage drawn by horse). It cost 10,000 IDR (USD 1) from Jogja supermarket.

Other kind of Foods

in front of Jogja supermarket there are many food stalls, such as bakso (meat ball), mpe-mpe (kind of fishcake, Sumatran speciality), batagor, and others.

Bunut Chicken Porridge

Sukabumi's Porriage (Bunut Chicken Porridge), it is also Sukabumi's special dishes. You can find it at Siliwangi street no 93/131 Selabintana

Atta Bandros

You can find Bandros maybe in all cities in West Java. It is made from rice flour with coconut milk. The popular 'bandros' in Sukabumi city is Atta Bandros. It is located in Gudang street no 4 Sukabumi city.

Fast Food

If you want fast food, there is KFC in front of Jogja supermarket. Also there is a pizza hut too.

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