July 05, 2009


From Losari, we went to Magelang through south route. People say that south route has many beautiful views rather than north route (via PANTURA). Yep…the route was very interesting. There were many plantations along this route. Rice field, onion field, corn field and also tea plantation could be found along the south route. You’ll never feel bored if you go through this way. However, I think this route take much time rather than the north route. You can imagine, we left Dian hotel at Losari at 08.00 am in the morning and we arrived at Borobudur, Magelang at about 02.00 pm.

There are many hotels near Borobudur temple. But, our choice was Rajasa hotel because the rate is fair enough and it is really near to Borobudur complex, just side by side with the complex. And according to the recommendation given in the internet that Rajasa hotel has good view and you can see the sleeping Budha.

Well, the first time we arrived there, the first impression was not convincing, look like the old hotel. But we very tired to look for the other hotel. Actually next to it there is Manohara hotel which is located inside the Borobudur temple complex, but it is expensive enough for our pocket. So we decided to stay in Rajasa hotel. You just need 10 minutes to walk to reach Borobudur temple gate.

Entering inside Rajasa hotel, we should take our impression earlier. Well, it is very interesting. The wall is covered by such kind river brick; well it is very cool and unique. Behind the building there is rice field panorama with the range of hills. The breeze was very fresh. I like this hotel.

Then I wondered where I could found the view of sleeping Buddha? Well, I couldn’t see any of Borobudur temple part from here at all. Than I read again the article from the internet. I was wrong! It said that we can find the range of hills that look like sleeping Buddha. Then, I tried to look into the range of hills, well, I didn’t think that it look like sleeping Buddha. But when the weather clears enough, finally I could imagine the configuration of hills that looked like a sleeping Buddha over there, reflected on the range of hills. It is very wonderful.

The price is also cheap enough. The lowest class is 160,000 IDR (USD 16) without air conditioner only fan. However, the weather is cool enough, so I don’t think that we need an air conditioner, but maybe hot water is needed.

Oh, for the meal! Rajasa hotel also serves many kind of food for your meals. However, if you want to find other kind of foods, along way from Rajasa hotel to Borobudur area there are a lot of food stalls. At that time, we tried ‘sate’ (small pieces of meat that roasted on skewer) in front of Borobudur gate. The stall is called “Sate Madura”. Well, it was delicious enough, so no wondered there were a lot of people queued in that place. We ate for 3 portions ‘sate’ with ‘lontong’ (food containing rice steamed in a banana leaf) at place included 3 glasses of orange juice and we also had it to take away, the cost only around 50,000 – 60,000 IDR (USD 5 – 6).


attayya said...

wah enaknya bisa travel ke borobudur

lina said...

Very helpful review. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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nice places..