December 07, 2010


I forgot exactly when we got here to Tanjung Lesung. What I remember is that at the time, we didn't have any intention to go here. Just driving along to Anyer. My wife said that she wanted to go to Marbella beach, but then after we arrive at Marbella hotel, it was very crowded, so we decided to continue driving to Tanjung Lesung.

Tanjung Lesung
lies in the tip of Banten Province, precisely in Pandeglang district. It took about 2 hours from Cilegon to Tanjung Lesung, or approximately 4 hours from Jakarta. After passes through Anyer district which is full with beachs and hotels along right and left side, we entered to Pandeglang district. The scenery along the road near to Tanjung Lesung was beautiful, a lot of green field of rice field.

Then we arrived at Tanjung Lesung resort area. Before the entrance to resort area, there is security post where checking is required. The personnel there would ask you whether you have had reservation or not. At that time, because we just would like to have sight seeing only, so we told them that we just want to go around for survey :)
There will be entrance fee for only sight seeing. It just 20,000 rupiah at that time.

After about 5 minutes driving, we could see the Kalica Resort and Villa Bay Resort. Inside the resort there are many facilities, including restaurant, beach, swimming fool in each type of villa or cottage. The white sand beach was very beautiful. My children couldn't stand for those sea water calling. They just straightly went to the beach and play with the sand.

The swimming fool was directly faced the sea side, and in front of the restaurant. Many tourists came to Tanjung Lesung during that time.

Ah, the mount of Krakatau also could be seen from here. As you may know that mount Krakatau is one of the active volcano in Indonesia. Located in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra, the Krakatau Island Nature Reserve is the spectacular site of the world's youngest active volcano . Anak Krakatau (The son of Krakatau) has been steadily rising out of the sea since 1930 and is considered as one of the best examples of recent island volcanism and tropical vegetation succession.

There were also playground for kids to play around, and if you want to go around the beach with bicycle, there was a bicycle rent near the playground.
Ah, I forgot, there was also Beach Club where you can find many sea water adventures. They offer many facilities in order to satisfy the customer who loves sea water sport.

So, just check it out by yourself, the beauty of Tanjung Lesung Beach!

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