December 07, 2010


Go to Anyer again!!! This time is go to old lighthouse at Anyer. Lighthouse (or we call "Mercusuar" in Bahasa) in Anyer is the second oldest lighthouse in Indonesia. It is built in 1885 during Dutch colonial in the time of Willem III.

Anyer lighthouse is 75.5 metres in height and having 18 floors with the light ball is placed in the top of the houselights.

The kids were very excited, they enthusiastic climbed the iron stairs to go upstairs. I was really surprised looking that they were not felt exhausted at all climbing 18 floors, while their mother hardly could climb. Come on mom...!!!

Wow...!!! Fantastic!!
The scenery from the top of the lighthouse was amazing! The sea side, the road side, really spectacular. The wind blew touch our face.
The kids were excited by the light ball inside the lighthouse which can be rotated 360 degree, they kept asking what is that!! Probably they were thinking, it is not like as the ball lamp at their house :)

This Anyer lighthouse also known as zero point of Anyer - Panarukan Street. Street from Anyer to Panarukan which is approximately 1000 km in lenght was built during the Ducth colonial in the order of Deandels General which was during the construction has sacrificed many people within 1 year construction.

The beach near the lighthouse is also beautiful. The kids and their mother loved to take picture here. Many beautiful point can be shoot and no wonder that many wedding photo taken here.

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